october in april.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

By the Line of the Arch *

Beringed dynasties—
the Khan peer lowered
his sunset sovereign, one of talking that
every am erased.

Increase higher, balcony
eyes, the things when
(like zigzag sunlight here) only of the Phyllis,
deep as urchins.

Recognized fisherman,
blanket by them who
Adelma laid. Circular lines, interwoven oracle
of truly through Great.

Assemble dried such lathers,
base by two, that deepest
labile mists longer movement or of too. The sweat army,
from sacks withdraw

beggars by terrain,
(through emerged lairs)
like funerary harem on of together shape.
There arranged order,

incongruous, within,
built by true. Their been
load city, final street other of tried that cleaning as
arranging occasionally with

bric-a-brac: by true
checkmate, operation
lean lights pink alleys on, of those who pleasant
any trapped each nothing.

* Exercise based on Jackson Mac Low's Ridiculous in Piccadilly, using Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.


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