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Monday, May 23, 2005

pretty little homes.

- photogenics: last week i went to cvs to have a passport photo taken for my visa application. at several moments, i should have taken the opportunity to go elsewhere. the first occurred when the photostation girl said (with skepticism), "you really want a passport photo?" then when she fiddled with the camera for five minutes and finally ended up holding it about eight inches from my face. then when i stood reading people magazine for 20 minutes while she tried to get the computer to work, muttering, "this is so ir-ri-tat-ing." then when she had to re-start the computer and said, "this is why people don't get passport photos at cvs." needless to say, on the bad-passport-photo-spectrum, my pictures are astonishingly, laughably hideous. incidentally, i don't think i photograph well. i am accustomed to the idea that my self-image never appropriately corresponds with the moment the lens picks. but in this photo, i look like the frightened, ornery love child of yoda and an ewok.

- mulling: at a stanley kunitz celebration last week, marie howe quoted kunitz as saying, "To be a poet in an age of the super-state is itself a political act." hrmm.

- experienced with my own arm hairs: the nomadic museum and the faint (the second at webster hall, which is not nomadic).

- gaming update: scrabble intensity rising (game count - ewok: 2, bacca: 2). and spades was learnt last night, in delightful ambiance.

- consumed: a burrito containing tater tots and grilled hotdogs. not bad.

- listening: bloc party.

- longing, envious: classes at the center for the book arts.

- received: six smooth stones from the other side of the country. gratitude, creature comforts.


Anonymous bander2924 said...

Ahh. No doubt it was the Guillotine Training Workshop that was of interest at the bookbinders?
And the Nomadic Museum's fame extended even to Allentown.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

heh...no matter what you say, i refuse to believe you look like yoda. so there.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous carolynsas said...

no yoda. but some pix indicate maternal relationship w/ewok. hmmm

2:05 PM  

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