october in april.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

gypsy kebob with beef, a pork, the hen.

other russian-english menu translation jewels:

- a difficult childhood.
- language with mushroom sandwich.

jealous yet?:

- amber room at the pushkin summer palace.
- t. h. and s. a. reading at nabakov's house (butterflies!).
- jars and jars and jars of eerie oddities at the kustkammer's chamber of curiosities.

some of those aforementioned curiosities, from their descriptive placards:

- preparation of child's head with artificial eyes.
- injected preparations of sense organs.
- preparations of skin (without injection).
- preparations of bones (without injection).
- children's legs.
- children's arms.
- two-headed child (embalmed preparation).
- teeth extracted by peter I.
- skeleton of a two-headed calf.
- newborn kitten with double body.
- unicorn horn.
- child with harelip and anomalous number of digets.
- kid with double snout.

["Come, look, appraise, and believe your own eyes only." Frederik Ruysch]


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