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Thursday, July 21, 2005


ahh, in the throes of apartment-searching. my favorite listing, so far, contains the phrase "elevated building."

i just finished teaching a high-school poetry workshop (lovely kids, lovely co-teachers). i went back and looked at one of the many short-lived journals from that period (i document more regularly now. pity the future executor of my estate). this one was a daily list of wishes and thanks, and it contains much of what you might expect. but in honor of that age, here are some of the more amusing entries, for various reasons:

- 07.24.98: i wish to go sky-diving.
- 10.12.98: i wish to go to school at columbia and to have all my lines memorized by tomorrow.
- 10.16.98: i wish for full-body pajamas with feet.
- 07.16.05: i am thankful for clean airport floors to sleep on.
- 08.19.05: i am thankful for warm sidewalks to lie on [a tired trend].
- 10.01.98: i am thankful for prufrock and mersault.

in intake news:

- i just finished the time traveler's wife, by audrey niffenegger. i am in need of more quick summer reads. suggestions?


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