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Sunday, September 04, 2005


four ferry trips,
one hotel, seven campsites, one elderly couple's home (and an episode of canadian idol), some-odd tanks of gas, some-odd miles, some grief (in memoriam, adored teacher), and one mostly-working van later, i have returned to new york.

re-discovered loves:
- sleeping in the van.
- driving.
- camping.
- whales (and seals and porpoises and hikes and lobster and mussels and chowder and scallops and . . .)
- rock-collecting.

- mud flats at fundy national park and the hopewell rocks.
- whale-watching off of grand manan island.
- lobster dinner in the basement of a church in prince edward island.
- dulse, a seaweed-snack.

obligatory superlative-laden sights, viewed:
- world's longest covered bridge (hartland, new brunswick. the accompanying pamphlet contains an extraordinary piece of travel writing entitled the legend of sal, the famous flying salmon).
- world's longest bridge (connecting new brunswick to prince edward island).
- world's biggest lobster (a sculpture in shediac, new brunswick).

- brit-bird man.
- drinking canadian beer at a spectacular campsite in cape breton (complete with out-houses) and the resulting picture that brother #2 would not let brother #1 and i save.
- magnetic hill (canada's third-largest tourist attraction? oh dear. "that is not a good prize.")

latest life-plan:
- buy a motorcycle and a tent and drive.

so, yes, alright, i know that everyone who actually glances at this site already knows what i look like. i break down. i'll post some photos.


Anonymous ELAINE said...

Stephanie -
This was my summer of Salinger, too. I read 'Franny and Zooey' and immediately fell into 'Nine Stories' and 'Raise High the Roofbeams'.
I love all his white books with their rainbow corners.

11:47 PM  

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