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Sunday, December 04, 2005

avant-garde fatigue.

thanksgiving was swell. while in pennsylvania i ate four different kinds of meat and helped my mother make 20 dozen pecan tarts.

since i have last seen you, i have watched:
- the life aquatic with steve zissou (again).
- some football.
- walk the line.
- syriana.
- goodfellas.

yesterday i attended a lovely frequency reading featuring carey mchugh, tom hummel, oni buchanan, and someone whose name i've forgotten. other readings attended since i last wrote: the academy of american poets chancellors' reading and the poetry society of america's chapbook winners reading (hoorah especially to cecily parks).

tonight i cooked. ingested:
- white wine.
- braised brussel sprouts.
- pasta with shrimp.

oni buchanan is also a classical pianist. while ingesting above items, her cd portraits, pictures & prints for piano was enjoyed. i hummed along to mussorgsky's pictures at an exhibition and remembered viewing his gravesite in russia.

if i am sporadic for a time, it is because i am struggling with a 15-pager on the topic of christian bök and the oulipo influence.


Anonymous Thibault said...

good luck with oulipo;

luck good oulipo with;

I braise everything in my life.


12:12 PM  

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