october in april.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

precipitation, of the packing variety.

we have snow.

last week, i:
- finished my 15 pages.
- put together the bones of my thesis manuscript.
- allowed my photo teacher to abscond with two of my dearest ones for yet-unknown purposes.
- drank champagne and listened to johnny cash (in celebration of the above).

spent the weekend in pennsylvania:
- sleep.
- scrabble.
- narnia with the family (cheese, cheese. brother #2 and i chortled quite a bit. decided not to re-watch the beloved cartoon of our childhood. sighed.)
- christmas tree felling.

for the last: we were snow-trudging superhumans. but in the end, success!--the weirdest tree ever. it has a little fro where it should, aesthetically, taper into a pleasant star-ready summit. we need naming help. thus far, we've got carrot-top [mr. a., meet carrot-top]. suggestions?


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