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Monday, April 17, 2006


i had a lovely party friday night and then woke up saturday with an obnoxious cold/flu bug.
so. i read:
- delillo's white noise.
- gates' jernigan.

i learned:
- sudafed non-drowsy 12-hour medicine amplifies my sense of hearing and makes me paranoid, further amplified by
- reading those two particular books in 36 hours.

good stuff.


Anonymous banderso said...

Post Friday reading

Well, I have reconstructed "something - burp" and the likely path someone's cell phone took to gain my attention. It would be a good thing to contact a certain parental unit if a reunion with aforesaid electronic waiflet is desired.
The miracle of audioblogging is fine, but I would settle for a quaint operable landline!


10:06 AM  

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