october in april.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

structure / bright.

and today is like this.

in the realms of the unreal.

books read:
- amanda nadelberg's isa the truck named isadore.
sarah manguso's siste viator.

chapbooks read:
- zachary schomburg's abraham lincoln's death scene.
- julie doxsee's the knife-grasses.
- jen tynes & erika howsare's the ohio system.
- sueyeun juliette lee's perfect villagers.
- eugene ostashevsky's dj spinoza's dozen.
- joshua marie wilkenson's the book of truants & projectorlight.
- genya turovskaya's the tides.
- jonah winter's the continuing misadventures of andrew, the headless talking bear.


Anonymous Lytton said...

I see you too got the many tentacled Octopus chapbooks...but are doing a far better job than me in finding time to read them!

2:41 PM  

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